Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

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Owning a home is a wonderful thing that millions of people experience every day. That said, having your own house means upkeep. Anyone can benefit from home improvement, no matter what their motivation for improving the home may be. Consider the tips in this article before you begin your next home improvement.

  • Exterior home painting is a perennial task. Water-based latex paints make for the easiest clean-up. You only need soap and water. But sometimes oil paint is best for a job. It is longer lasting. When cleaning up from oil paint, use cooking oil on your brushes to dissolve the paint. Then you can use soap and water.
  • When it comes to home improvement, never allow a contractor to begin work without having a signed contract first. This is important to ensure that you receive the work that was signed for and have a legal contract to assist you if things do not go according to plan. Be specific and consult with an attorney, if needed.
  • If you want just a small interior improvement, go and buy a gallon of paint. A new coat of paint makes any room feel fresh and new without the costs or headaches attached. Remember to be sure to use drop cloths or some other type of fabric to catch the paint.
  • When it comes to home improvement, be sure to have fun with it. This is important because it should be a rewarding experience for you. You will never fully enjoy your home improvement project if it was a burden and brings back bad memories. Consider hiring help if it is expected that you will run into issues completing the project on your own.
  • Keep your home smelling scented and fresh by making your own potpourri sachets. Buy some little jewelry organza bags and fill them with store bought potpourri. To boost the scent, pour some aromatherapy oils on top. Display them in different areas of your home to create a nice and scented environment.
  • Before investing in new hardwood floors, check with a professional about looking at the current floors in your home. Sometimes, you may have beautiful, natural hardwood hiding underneath layers of carpet or linoleum, that is just waiting to be refinished. You will wind up with a nicer looking, higher quality floor for less money.
  • You will get what you paid for when you buy a good door. It will be the very first and very last thing guest will view. As well, a poor fitting door can lead to a large amount of heat loss. A door can also be a real security concern if the frame or the locks are not recent.
  • Cut off the extra length on your blinds’ cords. Long or dangling cords pose a safety risk to small children and pets, who may become ensnared. Just make sure to keep enough on the end so you can work the blinds properly. Snip it off or tie it up before it causes an accident.

Some jobs are DIY and some should be left to the professionals. Before starting any project, honestly gauge your level of expertise and choose your course wisely because as the old saying goes: Any job done is a job worth doing well.


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